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I only recently came across this site. I'm glad I did because I'm always on the look-out for new books to read. On that note, I love reading, sometimes up to three books at a time (audiobooks included). Because of my love of reading, I can't help but notice when I come across mistakes. And, because of my love of looking for mistakes after years of reading, I decided to enter into the editing field. If anyone ever needs an editor, prior to publication, please drop me a line. I'm reasonably priced and willing to work with anyone on what they can afford.

Favorite Books

My last five favorite books/Series as of right now would include:
1. The Hissing Booth Chronicles Series by Gemma Thorne
2. "A Gift of Time" by Jerry Merritt
3. The Nocturne Falls Series by Kristen Painter
4. The Hell Divers Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
5. Junction 2020 Series by Carol Riggs

Favorite Genres

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