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I'm small so there's a whole scary world above me I don't know about. I get afraid a lot, I like to hide away in my room, I get nervous around people, and I'm quiet and like to keep to myself. BUT, I appreciate the small things life has to offer, I read as much as humanly possible, I'm passionate about the things I love, and I try my best and that's all that anyone can ask of me. I'm not the best but I'm me.

Favorite Books

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is #1 for sure. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall takes spot #2 (this book actually lead me here). I also love Consent, The Romantics, Attachments, and Tell Me Three Things and so many more! Idk, it's hard to pick, I love them all!

Favorite Quotes

"Read to me, sweetheart." (Gonna go die now. Bye.)

Favorite Genres

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