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Hello :) I am me and you are you and none of this is 100% true, along with my name, which in reality is Greek (like I am) and unpronounceable. So let's go with Macy, or Filia, or just "Will you stop being the bane of my existence?" because that's what my teenagesisters call me sometimes. I have 3 of them and each has trillions of deep life stories to narrate every day, offering lots of noise, inspiration, and entertainment.~For any lovely reading soul looking for it: Once upon a time ago, Singing on the Roof's first draft got into the Inkpop Top 5. The revised version is now posted on Wattpad and a Wattpad Featured Story.~

Favorite Books

Everything Harry Potter Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? (a play, but still) How To Kill A Mocking BirdThe Hunchback of Notre-Dame Mafalda (a comic, but still) The Hunger Games Graffiti MoonAngelfall

Favorite Quotes

"I'm little but I'm old." -Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Favorite Genres

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