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I'm almost thirty years young but I'm still 10 (or younger) at heart. My heart burns with passion for all things geeky! Nothing makes me happier than taking my daughter to book stores, comic events, and I LOVE meeting authors! I will say that her comic collection has mine beat by far. I also enjoy health and fitness, but don't be fooled because I can throw down on some pizza. After all, there has to be a balance. My little one informed me that in this bio I should let everyone know that I'm short. So, yes. I'm quite vertically challenged.

Favorite Books

Any and all by Linda Lael Miller!

A song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

Tons of historical romance stories! There are probably hundreds that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Favorite Quotes

"That's how the bastards get you, by making you scared. Don't you ever let anybody or anything do that." -Angus McKettrick

"It's not what happened yesterday, or ten years ago, or what happens tomorrow that matters. All we've got, any of us, is now." Opal

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