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I'm 20 years old a college student,I just adore books , I love that feeling when you get so drowned in a good book and forget about the whole world ,what can I say words can't describe how mush I love to read I love to travel, listen to music ,watch movies ,anime sometimes ,I love to drink tea I'm not a coffee lover .I'm a night person .and I love winter its my fav season .my favourite color its yellow its just brings me joy I guess 😅well I guess that will do it and my name is Lilia ❤ happy to be part of the swoonreads community

Favorite Books

Oliver twist❤❤,Agatha Christie's novels,Sherlock Holmes series,Harry potter series,The call of the wild,The old man and the sea,Moby dick,One of a kind,Winter's bells ,Pride and prejudice,The waste land,Misery,The scarlet letter,The tell tale heart,the fault in our stars

Favorite Quotes

"We're all broken that's how the light gets in"
"Just to be you what a privilege that is"
"Your loneliness does not need to be filled with people but by peace,intention ,meaning "
"With freedom,books,flowers and the moon,who could not be happy"
"Worlds change when eyes meet"

Favorite Genres

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