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One word that most people would you to describe me is bookaholic but im totally OK with that! Im obsessed with any romantic novel and endless love stories. I can't get over the fact that I can relate to literally any love story every written it might be because im the most dramatic person youll ever meet.

Im a total beach girl if you dont find me at a library, then youll find me on the beach with a good book and a bag of Cheetos :) the jalapeno kind cause im exotic like that ;) AND if im not at the beach then Im at a party dancing with anybody and everybody!!!!

Favorite Books

The Summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han, Because Ill always and forever be in love with the fisher boys.
The Fallen series by Lauren Kate, because Daniel Grigori will always be my first love
The Bourbon King books cause only Jr Ward understands the level of drama I need to survive

Favorite Quotes

"you and I were made of glass we'd never last........We moved fast and then we crashed."

Favorite Genres

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