Kiara S Maharaj

South Africa

Reader & Writer


Murdering faeries and blaming it on mermaids.
I'm a self published author, self-taught artist, and Computer Science student residing in a small country way at the bottom-most tip of Africa. I like weird and whimsical things like the stars, destiny, and a hippo's war cry. I believe in as many as 10 million Gods and Goddesses, because nature is spectacularly vast like that. I also try to save the universe every once in a while, because I'm one of the idiots who happen to be living in here. I spend most of my time as my alter ego, who spends most of her time spying on people and writing stories about them. She and her assistant, Thug, travel the multiverse together on secret quests.

Favorite Books

A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Discworld Series, The Gone Series, Percy Jackson, Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter

Favorite Quotes

A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit.

Favorite Genres

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