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i am Kiara Hernandez. i like singing, writing, cooking, unicorns, and food. the main reason I write, is to make ppl smile, laugh, and be happy. and sometimes to prove a point (ex.:unicorns are real). i just LOVE when ppl give me ideas or hints or etc about writing. im not the best yet. i know i still need practice soooo....yeah. thats all im gonna say about me. for now. i love u and god bless ^3^

Favorite Books

i cannot live without Percy Jackson. i know i know. but, like, i just love the Percy Jackson series. don't blame me. blame Rick Riordan. hes the one who made them.

Favorite Quotes

my fave quote ever is, "we are all the same, yet we are all so different" y? becuz it speaks facts, boo. pure facts.

Favorite Genres

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