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J.King is 28 years old and has been transitioning to a male for 4 years, before that he was a competitive figure skater for 13 years and has been a slave to retail for the majority of his life.
J loves to create, whether it be the written word, a daydream, or a new gluten-free baked good. He is allergic to most of the major food groups and survives off sushi and tea.
J has 2 daughters in the forms of beautiful cats. Medical companion Lizard and the dramatic princess Claire.
When J isn't creating something he's either watching a zombie/apocalypse disaster movie, or playing video games, mostly Dishonored or The Last Of Us. (Actually, anything Bethesda or Naughty Dog related.)
J is in a devoted relationship with the illustrator of J.King Projects.

Favorite Books

The Talon Saga- Julie KagawaH20 and Storm- Virginia BergenCarry on- Rainbow RowellFeed Series- Mira GrantWarm Bodies, The New Hunger, The Burning World- Isaac Marion

Favorite Quotes

"It was scary at first but, every good thing starts out a little scary doesn't it?" - Warm Bodies

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.” Author Unknown

Favorite Genres

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