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Jessica fell in love with books the same way people fall in love with people. When she was a girl she would be found under desks, in the yard, and in her room with a book in her hand and ignoring reality. Not so surprisingly, she still does this.

Jessica has been writing since she learned how to type, when she was ten, as Jessica’s handwriting is atrocious, and paper still doesn’t have spell check.

She is the author of the New Adult spy book "The Professor and Her Pilot" and the Young Adult Fantasy book "Tales of the INC", which is now on Swoon Reads.

Jessica lives in Arizona with her husband, whom she’s pretty sure was a Conquistador in another life.

Favorite Books

Dune, Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Good Omens, The Expats, The Night Mayor, These Broken Stars, Till we meet again, Six Years, Into the Drowning Deep, Gangsterland and Gangster Nation, The Fold.

Series: His Dark Materials, Bobby Dollar, Charley Davidson, The Parasol Protectorate.

Favorite Quotes

"He wanted you to know he always trusted you completely, always loved you and cherished you. He said he would have sooner mistrusted himself and he had but one regret---that he never made you his Duchess."
Dune, Page 206: Paul's message to his mother, the Lady Jessica

Favorite Genres

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