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- I'm the kind of girl that would rather read than go to a party. I love reading, it's my life.
- I live with my brother, sister, my mom, and my step-dad.
- I'm very outgoing (or so all my friends tell me).
- I'm nice to everyone and I love to meet new people.
- I'm also the kind of girl that would walk up to a stranger and say hi.
- I am single, and I have never had a boyfriend.
- I'm 16 and I'm a sophomore in high school.

Favorite Books

- My all time favorite series has to be The Mortal Instruments series.
- I also love the book Safe Haven.

Favorite Quotes

- My favorite quote would have to be, Hakuna Matata, It means no worries for the rest of your days.

Favorite Genres

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