Holli Bushnell

Rochester, VT

Reader & Writer

https://www.facebook.com/hollibushnellwrites/ http://instagram.com/hollibushnell


I am a nerd, dreamer, and sometime adventurer. A 7th generation Vermonter, returned after 16 years in exile (Massachusetts). When I’m not totting tubs of Batik clothing around New England for fun and profit I enjoy singing Sacred Harp (also, most other music), contra dancing (also regular dancing), and reading LOTS of fantasy novels (also, anything I can get my hands on). I am a pop culture junkie, trivia fiend, Haggishead, and music fanatic. I belong to two cats, Oliver and Abby.

Favorite Books

The Rook, Stilleto, American Gods, Neverwhere, anything by Sarah Addison Allen, the Maggie Hope series, and, as a guilty pleasure, anything by Molly Harper.

Favorite Genres

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