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Hayley J.

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Full-time book nerd, ice cream enthusiast, serial comma advocate, and coffee addict who’s trying her absolute hardest to win the Hamilton lottery.

I’m the Assistant Managing Editor at MCPG, which means I’m a very organized grammar nerd. My favorite punctuation marks are the ampersand and the em dash.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

10 Things All Book Lovers Do During the Holidays

You’ve decked the halls with stacks of books, strings of lights, and, well, more books. Now all you have to do is actually survive the holidays. The best way to cope with family drama, fruitcake, and itchy sweaters is of course taking solace in the words of your favorite authors. Here’s a list of ten things that all book lovers … Read More


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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Active vs. Passive Voice: Bring Your Writing to Life... with Zombies!

Hi, Swooners! I’m here to give you a quick refresher on a super-fun grammar topic—active and passive voice. No, don’t stop reading yet! I promise that this really is a fun grammar post. (Yes, grammar can be fun!) Here’s a recap on what active and passive voice is: Active voice: the subject performs the action. (The girl washed the puppy.) … Read More


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Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Swoon Reads Behind the Scenes: Managing Editorial

Many people don’t realize that Managing Editorial is even a department in all publishing houses—I certainly didn’t for a long time! There’s a misconception that managing editors are just editors, but there’s a big difference between the two positions. An editor acquires titles for the house, and then works with the author to shape the editorial content of the book. … Read More


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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Proofread Those Errors Away!

Congratulations, Swooners! You’ve just finished NaNoWriMo! Give yourself a pat on the back! Okay, celebration’s over. Now roll up your sleeves, grab an extra-large cup of coffee, and get back to work—it’s time to proofread! Since you’ve just written a large volume of content in a short amount of time, there are probably a lot of errors throughout your manuscript. … Read More


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Friday, October 16th, 2015

Build Your Own Kissing Scene with Swoon Libs! (Part II)

It's time for another round of Swoon Libs!For those who don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, basically Swoon Libs is a fill-in-the-blank game where first you come up with a list of different words, then you take those words and use them to fill random blanks inside a story. Hilarity ensues!Here are the kinds of words/names you’ll need … Read More


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