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Hi all :) Just uploaded the second half of Verity Dashwood's first adventure 'Torments & Trepidations' - Part One 'Trials & Tribulations' is the best place to start :) With some luck and enough interest her adventures will continue :) She is a busy girl :) We have said farewell to 'Gabrielle' the lonely vampyre girl - Saphrin and her space race against time to uncover her identity is still up - an encounter with Faerie is on the way.

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Let's talk Authors - Susanna Clarke - J R R Tolkien - J K Rowling - Neil Gaiman - D M Cornish - C S Lewis - A C Doyle - Charles Dickens - Jane Austen - Gail Carriger - Dunsany - Spenser. This is my current "go to " team.

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