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I love to read and wright. I have been this way since I was young. I remember when we made books in 4 th or 5th grade and most of the kids had 5 to 10 pages. My book was however 20 pages. Making that book was the highlight of the year. Sure it was only typed and then had my pictures that I drew by hand (not to good because 1No artistic ability and2 I was in 4th or 5th grade.) and it was put in a laminator with a hard back on it. But to this day I still have the book in my things from school. One day I hope to show my kids this. when I wright it helps keep me clam and relaxed. Fastest person to think up a story and write it down! I cannot even begin to tell you how many stories I have wrote. Most do not have ending mainly because I don't know how to end it,and some are very personal to me!

Favorite Books

The book North Of Beautiful is my number one favorite book. Then I would have to say Willow and then Never Have I Ever(My Life Without a Date.) Finally, Evermore (Blue Blood)

Favorite Quotes

Be kind to the ones on the way up, Because you are going to need them on the way down.

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