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Hi there!
Thank you for having an interest in my profile and manuscripts:)
I am a writer and reader who has a wild imagination and goal for life.

For many years, I've been writing and reading anything possible. From poetry and short stories to full-length novels, I've opened my mind up to many styles of work.
Reading is also my passion--I feel quite empty when I don't have a new book to read, not going to lie. SwoonReads is new to me, but I'm already in love with the idea and community on the site. My goals for a writing career may be accomplished with the help of a bright community, like you, so know how important you are right now. It's amazing the power one person can have!

I am also a Wattpad writer and have been for a few years. You can find me with the user @tattooedlouise

Favorite Books

For some reason, my go-to-book is always Marley & Me
I also enjoy classics, such as The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite Quotes

"write drunk
edit sober."

-Ernest Hemmingway

Favorite Genres

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