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My name is Donnalee Hutchinson and I write under the pen name DL Hutchinson. I started writing as a child to cope with recovery from a freak accident that occurred when I was six years old. I wrote my debut novel the night IT happens, payong homage to #Black/ Brown Girl Lives Matter and # MeToo because I believe women should never be afraid to tell their stories no matter what. I'm hoping for it to be publish and it's effect to be far reaching. Right now I write YA but I'm also a lover of MG and chick lit. I'm bless to be motivated everyday by my triplet daughters who certainly keeps me on my toes.

Favorite Books

The Hate U Give The Poet X and The Mothers to name 3.

Favorite Quotes

If you want something bad enough, you'll go after it with all you might. Only you can stop you.

Favorite Genres

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