hell, but only if you think it is


I am a dove floating in a lake of cold acid. I am a boy drowning in an infinitely dark sky as his sister falls in a punctured hot air balloon. I am a cat eating tomatoes in a garden of heaven, praying God does not smite it for its audacity. I am a mushroom growing at the foot of a mountain, hoping to compete with the stones. I am the ashes dropping from the pipe of a herald, who wishes only to die in battle and alone. I am a girl with the face of a swan, diving into pools of sin and pulling dreams from the mud to swallow down my long, black neck. I am an origami crane, dropped from a great height and dreaming of being a real bird. I am a Christmas ornament, felled in its prime and fed to a black dog with a taste for glass and tears. You've never met me. You never will.

Favorite Books

The sound of a chicken sneezing; a high pitched noise that sounds incredibly un-birdlike 'ah-cHYOO', combined with the strange rubbery flapping of a tall, red comb.

Favorite Quotes

Once upon a timely parting.

Favorite Genres

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