David Riccio


I have always considered myself as an artist rather than an author, everything of creation is essentially a work of art. I love music, i play guitar in my pastime and write my short stories and poems but mainly focus on my stories i create. I live in South Daytona, FL and currently work for the Post Office. Just trying to make it in this industry but my true passion is writing ever since i was 12. Everybody comes from somewhere from all backgrounds and it is safe to say that we must all live with jobs and the average 9 to 5 but inside our beings hold a more concise nature to ourselves that are different from the rest. That is, we are writers and thinkers and contemplators and mostly storytellers with a grand story to tell.

Favorite Books

The Godfather
The Hobbitt
Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Finn
Lord of the Flies
Creature from Jekyll Island

Favorite Quotes

Theres always a genius of the average lurking in that clouded crowd of the masses

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