Creek Eaton

Grimes, IA

Reader & Writer


I'm currently a going to a local college for web design, but writing has always been my passion. Originally, it was roleplaying, but eventually, I got into writing full stories for myself and friends to read. And, eventually, Close the Gates came to be and here I am.

And, I just wanted to give you all a huge thank you before-hand for reading my book. It's almost 5 years old now, from when I first started developing Blanko as a character to now, and I'm just overjoyed whenever anyone picks it up to read. The first alert I got for someone reading my book nearly made me cry during class, and I'm sure each one will be the same. It's my pride and joy, a pure passion project, and I hope I can take it somewhere bigger. But, without your help, I can't do that, so I want to thank you all.

Favorite Books

The majority of the Warrior Cats series, since that really got me writing when I was young.

Favorite Quotes

"You don't have to be great. Just be good."

Favorite Genres

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