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I've always loved to read, a lot of my early memories are of reading in bed late at night, I didn't use the torch under the blankets, instead I held the book to either the door or the window and used the light of a streetlight or from the lounge to read by. In car rides after it had gotten dark I would hold the book up to use the light provided by the car behind to read the story. Is it any wonder that I wear glasses now? These days I have a bedside lamp so I don't have to wear my eyes out in an attempt to read but I must admit, I stay up far too late as a result of the ease of reading that the lamp provides. Who can really stop reading a good book just as it's reaching the climax? Sleep is over rated anyhow!Anyway, I created this account to hopefully help out a few new authors. <3

Favorite Books

I'm a major fan of a good romance, but I also love a bit of humour in a story and am sure to fall in love if a story shows significant character growth or raises issues that I am familiar with.

Favorite Quotes

I've never really had "favourite quotes" as such, I do believe in looking at things from someone else's viewpoint however so I suppose I could go with "Walk a mile in their shoes."

Favorite Genres

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