My screenplay, Serendipitous, has been picked up by a movie producer and called, The Serendipitous Project. In the spring of 2018, the Cannes Golden Plume International Screenwriting Competition selected my science fiction screenplay, Serendipitous, as a semi-finalist. I’m the author of the novel, of Serendipitous, published in 2016, The Ninth Martini, released in 2013 and the novel, Until The Day, published in 2015, by Solstice Publishing. Alternative Books Press published my novel, Chronicle of Stolen Souls, The Legacy of Fathers, in 2014. Moonshine Cove Publishing released my novel, Sky Fishing, in September 2015. I have also self-published, Broken Toy, A Man's Dream, A Company's Mystery, a biography of a man whose small company patented a toy mouse (true story) Micky two years before W

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