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❝the problem is, i fall in love with pretty things too fast.❞


introvert | sarcastic | writer | swimmer | musicophile | twelve | goofball | nerdy | capricorn | perfectionist | singer | insecure | procrastinator

hey! my name is jessica but people call me jess. my favourite authors are jessica shirvington and stephanie meyer. i'm one of those people that laugh at their own lame jokes. i love paranormal or paranormal romance books -- they are my all time favourite!

i know i may seem like one of those girls that just like to read and write on wattpad, but i want to pursue literature and writing as a career. writing helps me escape reality, into my own little world.



❥secret series:
»Secret mind ☑

❥bad teens series:
»Bad girls bad boy ☑

Favorite Books

Between the lives, The Violet Eden Chapters, Cupids match, My true love ghost, It all started with an apple, The twilight saga, The bad boy cupid and me, Bad boy in glasses, The bad boy taught me to fight, He knew my scars, The devil is my guardian, 10 reasons not to die, His last hope.

Favorite Quotes

❝you think he's what makes the sun shine, but darling, he's not. he's what makes your eyes tear and cuts bleed. he's the thoughts in your head that rip you apart and, my god, i know you love him but he's killing you.❞

Favorite Genres

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