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I'm an award-winning singer/songwriter/poet and grassroots humanitarian founder of The WWJD Family Support Center and The #HeroIsTheNewBlack! Campaign, as well as a writer of often Romantic YA Christian Sci-fi Novels. I love good food, good friends, and good fun-- and I'm a sucker for a good laugh! My hilarious sweet little poodle puppy Bella keeps me ROFLMBO 24/7 ^_^ Fun Fact: My BFF named her kitten Jacob because I named my pooch Bella. Now, all we need is a cute sparkly pup named Edward lol! ;) Sometimes I give away awesome freebies you might LOVE, so email me right now at MyTopShelfEditing@Gmail.com with the subject line "Swoon Reader Perks!!!" to get first dibs on my free stuff in my upcoming Free Podcast Newsletter! :)

Favorite Books

My Top 10 Fave Stories I can't live without: Virgins & Aliens: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Siren Wars, Love Me Tender, Prophet Wars, My Summer On Earth With Comet, The Kiss of Sleeping Beauty, Alien Wars, To Be Loved By A Monster, Victor's Secret Mr. America Hotness Pageant & Harry Potter.

Favorite Quotes

"One person can change the world." --Rosa Parks

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