C.J. Ayers was born September 21, 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia. She has remained a native Georgian her whole life, growing up in the Lakewood area of Atlanta as well as being raised in College Park, Georgia. She has been married to her husband since 1975. Together they have a daughter, a son and seven beautiful grandchildren.
Having fallen in love with literature in grammar school, C. J. always looked forward to any writing assignments. Her love of fiction allowed her to create people, places and worlds that held no boundaries. Her words carried her to places far and beyond her own limited world. She continues to create those worlds that peak her imagination and to this day, those worlds that are limitless. As far as her mind can see is how far she continues to travel.

Favorite Quotes

"The art of language is infinite, a unique journey for all time. Words define humans, imagination intrigues them, the journey completes humanity. Imagination, creating until the end of time and beyond. This is Infinite Literary Journey." -CJ Ayers

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