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Ontario, Canada

Reader & Writer


I am a Canadian born and raised. I'm in high school and have amazing that do hilarious things all the time. I always thought of writing but never thought of becoming an actual author. Now I'm considering it, and I also want to continue my education into university and become some sort of biologist. I want to share my writing with the world and even my friends can't get enough of my writing, they ask for more.

Favorite Books

My favourite series is Red Queen. I love how Victoria Aveyard made a book about racism but it wasn't about the skin colour it was blood colour. She got my attention and I am very sad I am almost done the series. That's how you know it's a good series if you get super sad that it's over.

Favorite Quotes

My favourite quote is " People with passion can change the world for the better" - Steve Jobs. I like this quote because if everyone liked something and not judged it the world would be better. There would be no more wars and there would be peace between every country.

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