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Caity K. Williams

Lismore, Australia.

Reader & Writer


Hi, I'm a 21 year old, student. I love reading young adult fiction of all genres. I also Enjoy writing young adult fiction. I have written both contemporary YA fiction and Sci-fi YA-fiction, but they all have one thing in common... a romance story line. I really want feed back so if you read my story and have any thoughts please tell me. I'm constantly trying to improve my work so please all comments wanted good, bad and the ugly.

Favorite Books

Double Exposure- Brian Caswell. Star Crossed - Josephine Angelini. Harry Potter- J K. Rowling. Saving Francesca- Melina Marchetta. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green. My Big Birkett- Lisa Shanahan. Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card. A Certain Slant of Light- Laura Whitcomb. Liar- Justine Larbalestier.

Favorite Quotes

"If you try and lose then it isn't your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, then it's all your fault." Orson Scott Card- Ender's Game.

Favorite Genres

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