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Just a girl who has no memories of ever not writing. I die a little when people say they've only seen the Harry Potter movies. NaNoWriMo my friends, is brutal and ravages me. I like it. my grammar is complete shit if I'm not writing. All my braining goes into writing books lol. And even then when I reread my books for the second time there are things that I completely messed up.

Favorite Books

Well I'm a John Green fanatic. Harry Potter. I really enjoy the Gretchen Lowell series and the Eragon quartet. Replay- if you haven't read that I suggest it. Though it's no longer being printed so you may have to search for it. The Great Gatsby will forever hold my heart. Anna and the French Kiss

Favorite Quotes

"...sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage."

Favorite Genres

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