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Reader & Writer


Currently, I'm a high school sophomore who's a mediocre tennis player and *still* working on finishing a manuscript that will inspire people in a great way. Why? Because whenever I read, it helps me see a different "reality."

I have an interest in World History, so if you want random...trivia about that stuff, let me know. I'll give you facts about things that happened in the past! Yay.

I'm a fan of superhero movies and prefer Marvel over DC (in that regard).

I'm an introvert. Fun, right?
What about online? I'm a tad extroverted. Well, let me revise that-I'm more or less extroverted when you get to know me. I'm not a "tsundere" for no reason. But, I enjoy making "friends" and reviewing novels that catch my eye.

Oh gosh, I just realized something...

Favorite Books

A lot.

I don't think that I can name a few...ugh.

Favorite Quotes

"An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth."-Hammurabi's Code

"Just been eatin'"-Aiden Sanchez


Favorite Genres

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