Bill White

Lima, Peru

Reader & Writer


Bill White is an expatriate American living in Peru where he makes ethnographic films, writes about politics, auto parts, and 20th Century popular arts, and continues the practice of writing 14 songs every February. His writing includes the novels The Goners and Blinkers, the memoir Cinema Penitentiary, the book of poems Aphrodite, a collection of short Stories The Last American Songbook, and he is currently working on his third novel, The Mayor is a Gringo. His past includes work in the theater as a writer, director, composer, and actor, stints as lead singer and songwriter in several Seattle bands, and cinema manager throughout the Boston.

Favorite Books

James Jones..some came running, all of robert graves, tolstoi, hugo, shakespeare, and chekhov, dos passos USA trilogy, much of norman mailer, william burroughs, and all of the worlds authentic poets.

Favorite Quotes

The Kingdom of heaven is already here, but men do not see it.

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