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Welcome to the Story of Ashlyn - I write contemporary YA novels that seek to bring awareness to issues such as bullying, eating disorders, depression, suicide, and self-harm. Sometimes I make clothing; sometimes I drink too much coffee; and sometimes (all the time) I provide a listening ear and words of encouragement to those recovering from eating disorders, because I've struggled with body image and self-esteem issues my whole life, and if I can help someone - anyone - sidestep or overcome that battle, then everything I have ever written will be worth it.

Favorite Books

13 Reasons Why (Jay Asher), The Fault in Ours Stars (John Green), The Hunger Games (trilogy; Suzanne Collins), My Sister's Keeper (Jodi Picoult), The Other Half of Me (Morgan McCarthy), Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers), Landline (Rainbow Rowell)...

Favorite Quotes

Live and write.

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