Jellie Vayas

Orlando, FL

Reader & Writer


I've been going by Jellie since I exited the womb almost 25 years ago, but you can call me whatever you prefer. I recently graduated with my MFA in the Visual Narrative, meaning I take the roles of author and artist and use them both to create immersive worlds for my audiences to get lost in. I was given the title of 'pathfinder,' and I am always looking for the next adventure. Gemini sun, Cancer rising, and Scorpio moon so I guess that boils down to my brain is always screaming and I get weird looks for staring blankly at the wall while it happens. I love true crime and supernatural podcasts and everything whimsical and wicked are my favorite. I love videogames, especially ones that focus on the story (play Night in the Woods, guys). I love the skies the seas and a bunch in between.

Favorite Books

TIDES; Hollow Kingdom; A Darker Shade of Magic Series; Percy Jackson; The Kingdom Keepers; Every Heart a Doorway series; The Ten Thousand Doors of January; The Forest Queen; Mechanica; Venturess; Folk of Air series/all Holly Black; ghost stories; horror books; Twilight

Favorite Quotes

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. Finally, dare.” - Walt Elias Disney

Favorite Genres

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