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I have been a book blogger since January 2010, and having been "writing" even longer (though it has only recently gotten any good). A preprofessional ballet dancer, and a college student, I am currently working as a dance instructor and a college writing center tutor. There are few things that I love more than stories, and I hope to be able to share mine with the people here on Swoon Reads (and the masses, as well, of course. But, you gotta start somewhere :P).

Favorite Books

Peter Pan, Howl's Moving Castle, Narnia, Something Strange and Deadly, Harry Potter, Great Expectations... The list goes on as far as "favorites," but these are just a few that have definitely impacted me.

Favorite Quotes

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: 'It goes on."--Robert Frost

Favorite Genres

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