Ontario, Canada

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I like anime and my favorite color is black. I'm obsessed with all things supernatural and mythological, and my goal is to become a professional published writer as a career.
i want to be able to write stories that will be remembered forever and to inspire people with the words i write. i want my books to be unforgettable and to create a new world for readers to escape to for a little while, and fill them with the wonder of a reality that they don't have in real life.

Favorite Books

i love all books. i will read any and all books so long as i find them interesting. i read a wide variety of different books, but mostly fictional books with a supernatural element, as are most of the stories i write. i also don't mind a little romance once in a while.

Favorite Quotes

"does it hurt? good. the pain is proof that you are still alive."

"It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win."

"play fair and I'll shoot straight. jerk me around and I'll kill you."

"expect nothing and you'll never be disappointed."

Favorite Genres

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