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I chose the username Nyxingale because I love the variety of symbolism nightingales have and Nyx is a greek titan/goddess (depending on which legends you read) that is so powerful, even Zeus is afraid of her. I love watching movies with pizza on Fridays, and I enjoy listening to music. I'm learning Spanish and Chinese, and I'm really enjoying both languages. My name means "Hope" and I have a fiery personality. My zodiac sign is a Cancer, but I promise, I don't cry a lot. I still do pinkie promises and a small part of me still believes in magic, despite my logic-driven mind.

Favorite Books

I couldn't live without the Harry Potter series and the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. I like the book "Red Queen" and the Hunger Games series.
Fun Fact: I rate all my books from "Holy Cannoli with a SIde of Guacamole" to "This Book Should Rot In Tartarus."

Favorite Quotes

"I act like I'm fine, but deep down, my sock is slipping off in my shoe."

Favorite Genres

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