smalL toWn Sally

Memphis, Tennessee

Reader & Writer


I love to read. I’m a wee bit too infatuated with romance novels but I also like manga. I like watching Anime and documentaries. People say I’m bipolar. I have moodswings like flicking on and off a lamp switch and also OCD. I love to code and build things and design. I have quite the hankering for fashion and making my own designs. If you ever meet me you’ll know that I love T-shirt’s and hate dresses.

Favorite Books

I don’t have a book that I cant live without because 1,I have read so many I forget the book until I see it again and go “oh that was an amazing book”and find another book.

Favorite Quotes

I don’t have a favorite quote but I do like a lot of quotes. Having a favorite anything is bad for me because it’s like sometimes you worship that one thing but then a new thing comes along to take place for it. Then I’m like “I thought the bike was your favorite not a Tesla”

Favorite Genres

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