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-Awkward (one-on-one conversations are not my thing)
-A walking, talking stereotype (of a nerd, geek, freak, and weirdo) --> A statement made by the douches and those who embody the classic popular mean girl trope
-Angry about the world and its injustices (who isn't angry about them?)
-Sleepy af (due to piling projects and schoolwork)
-A reader who indulges in stories full of plot twists, trip-ups, and didn't-see-that-coming moments.
-Want to punch the living daylights out of some people (preferably the ones mentioned in point 2)

Favorite Books

Six of Crows (sequel comes out this year)
Red Queen (2nd book just came out. Haven't read it yet)
Illuminae (sequel comes out this year)
The Young Elites trilogy (3rd book out this year)

Favorite Quotes

Funny how sometimes you just find things. -How I Met Your Mother-

"The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true"
"No mourners, No funerals"
"My ghost will not associate with your ghost"
-Six of Crows-

I prefer chronologically challenged -Cruel Crown-

Favorite Genres

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