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Torrington, CT

Reader & Writer

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I've been working as an Educational Assistant in a middle-high school Special Education program for 8 years, and the other adult staff still mistake me for a student. The worst part is that I'm now old enough to consider that a compliment. Outside of school hours, you can find me killing myself on the treadmill at the gym, loafing on my living room couch with my husband and/or cats (probably cats), or consuming food anywhere and everywhere. I often read things, and sometimes I write things, too.

Favorite Books

Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Far From The Madding Crowd
Summer Sisters
The Book of Lost Things
The Night Circus
The Thirteenth Tale
The Sea of Tranquility
The Witching Hour
Let Me Die In His Footsteps

Favorite Quotes

"Life throws more stones at you than buttered cornbread."- Dean KoontzIt's not my favorite, but it's always the first one to pop into my head. Also, I hate inspirational quotes.

Favorite Genres

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