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Hmmm... what is there to tell.
I'm the author of The Uncollected Fairytale Series - from Wattpad - I can frequently be found arguing with my characters or defending my actions from my readers.
I have a BA in Creative and Media Writing (I should have studied psychology lol). I'm a dissertation off getting an MA in Social Media Communications - I can outline an excellent social media campaign for authors online and will I ever follow my own advice? No, I will not. That would be too simple!
I'm Dyslexic (I'm throwing that in there because I guarantee you, there will be mistakes, you have been warned).
And I chat. A lot. I like to chat - while also being highly antisocial (it's a hard life). But I'm always open to chatter.

Favorite Books

You know, until this year I don't think I could have answered this.But It's now the All For The Game Series by Nora Sakavic. Trigger warning galore but an extremely good series.

Favorite Quotes

Money makes the world go round...What?Do you know how many quotes I have to try and choose from? I like money.

Favorite Genres

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